X-Pro Lens Sizes vs Pentax Limiteds

Started Sep 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
Robert L Jones Regular Member • Posts: 358
Re: X-Pro Lens Sizes vs Pentax Limiteds

The DA35 macro is smaller than the Fuji 60, and when you add the 60 hood the Fuji is decidedly larger (the DA35 has a small, built-in hood). However, the DA35 should be compared to the Fuji 35 (due to FL) and it is still smaller than the Fuji. The quality of these two are comparable.

Pentax has 50 and 100 macro. Size of the Fuji 60 is comparable to the Pentax 100 WR macro; the latter focuses faster.

The DA15 and DA21 are very small. The Fuji 18mm is a bit larger and of no better quality. Based on the construction and MTF plots, the new Fuji 14 will be better than the DA15, but looks a little larger.

I've used both systems and the K5 body with IS is better for faster action (longer lenses, etc). However, the Fuji sensor seems better to me with more pleasant colors.

Overall sizes are similar.

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