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Re: Misunderstanding

Sandyramirez wrote:

Designing hyper fast primes isn't very easy. Even the best ones are a little soft and tend to have a bit of color fringing - that would include the Leica 50/0.95 Noctilux BTW.

This system is pretty good as it with the prime and two zooms. There are already C-Mounts adapters out there and C-Mount lenses do a pretty good job on the Q. I have used a few. The best are the Kern Paillard Switars - basically the Leica of C-Mount Cinema Lenses (always sharper than the TV mount ones). Sure they cost a pretty penny (The 75/1.2 comes to mind along with the 25/1.0 they made) but worth it.

About a year ago I went Switar shopping for my m4/3 body, and of the few I managed to find in good condition, I couldn't afford any. They're beautiful lenses, but I can't see anyone buying them solely for a Q, which is why I'd like to see Pentax step in with affordable alternatives.

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