lenses for Italy...?

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Re: lenses for Italy...?

I do chuckle a little when people say they are going someplace and what lens to use...it's all the same planet, so cities, while having different styles, do basically have the same photo features.

Take what you feel you use the most. I'd take them all. When I go anyplace I take two cameras and four lens in a domke F2 bag. Slung over my body it really isn't heavy until you pick it up or put it down. Let's face it you might not ever go again so why miss a picture simply cause you didn't have the right lens.

Be careful of street crime in Rome. If children have a piece of cardboard and try to push it into your tummy back away,...naturally people grab the cardboard with both hands...straight away the kids simply grab your watch and rings and slide them off and are up and running leaving you with a useless piece of cardboard. So just back away. Keep your stuff safe, wear your bag across your body as opposed to on one shoulder. Look around you. Above all when using your camera keep an eye out for who is around. Rome is lovely and I had two weeks there without any problem, so don't be nervous, but just be aware and look like you are aware.

Have a fantastic trip, and back up your pictures at the end of each day. Enjoy and smile.

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