In case you didn't see RX1 mirrorless

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Re: In case you didn't see RX1 mirrorless

BrightEyesOnFire wrote:

$3000 is purely his own speculation, not a rumor. There is no way it will cost that much probably will be around $1500-2000. The main problem I have is that it doesn't appear to be pocketable so why not just make an interchangeable e-mount camera and a 35mm FF lens instead, to leave open the possibility of future FF e-mount lenses?

Maybe Sony is using this camera to test the markets reaction to see if it's viable to add a FF NEX camera and develop FF E mount lenses.

And the lack of any FF E mount lenses would also be another reason why Sony has chosen to go with a FF camera with a fixed lens while they develop new lenses (Look how long it's taking them just to release regular E mount lenses!).

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