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Re: epic FAIL

RedFox88 wrote:

epic FAIL sony. This will be as popular as the leica m9 - not very.

There's "popular", then there's "niche products that still serve the market and can still make a profit." Canon Rebels are "popular", but they also sell at very low margins. Leica M9's are not "popular", but they have very large margins. High priced boutique products that don't appeal to the mass market but do appeal to a certain niche of the market and cater to a certain class of customers certainly don't need to be "popular" in the conventional sense of the word in order to be profitable and successful. I don't think Sony was going after the Canon Rebel "popular" market with a camera like this. It's going to be a niche product for a certain class of customer. Not every product needs to sell in massive quantities in order to be successful. And just because certain products cater to a more niche market doesn't mean that they are epic "FAIL" products. Sony certainly does have other mass-market products that they sell.

It's amazing how some people are so dead set against a bit of diversity in the market, to the point that they have to attack products like the Sony RX1 or Leica M9 for not being "popular"! So are you saying that only "popular" products should exist in the market? Well, if that's the case, then we wouldn't have products like the RX1 or M9, and we would only have mass-market me-too products. In other words, we would have a lot less diversity in the camera market. God forbid any manufacturer tries to step outside of what is considered "popular"! LOL.

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