Foliage issues still?

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Re: It's a non-issue for me

For landscape shots with lot's of foliage (I mean lots, not just a tree or something, that's not nature - come visit Norway and I'll show you nature and foliage - it's right outside your door - everywhere) I have to process the raw files with Silkypix. ACR (even at 7.2) does not cut it. You don't have to zoom in at 100% to see the differences either, it is very easy to spot even on my crappy monitor.

However, I only use Silkypix for shots that I know I will be displaying in a large format or printing big. For regular computer use I usually cope with LR. I know the quality will be less, and I know that ACR cannot extract all the details that Silkypix can. Not only on foliage and landscape shots but on everything (rocks, heavily textured surfaces, etc). And I'm OK with that for most shots because I will downscale them to max 2 MP and display them via sRGB anyway, so it doesn't really matter.

But for professional work I would not use LR/ACR with the X-Trans sensor as of today. It is just not good enough for large prints and photographs that you actually sell (maybe potential clients would be satisfied - but I wouldn't be satisfied with selling a lesser quality product because of convenience).

There are many examples available. I have two examples available, but, I do not want to upload them to this gallery as the differences won't be that visible after the jpeg's are crunched after upload here...

But you can download these two files and compare them. It is the same capture (raw), one is processed with Lightroom 4.1/ACR7.1 and one is processed with Silkypix 5.0.20:

Lightroom 4.1:
Silkypix 5.0.20:

For info on all the settings and more details about these pictures please read my thread here where you can find all the information you need:

And yes I know you can use the Clarity slider for a sharpening effect in LR instead of regular sharpening to make the demosaicing flaws less apparent. But that introduces other issues as well, the image just looks awkwardly digital and too contrasty with that much clarity on. I just don't like the "Clarity-look". It looks fake.

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