Anyone planning to get the new Zeiss 2/135?

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Re: Too close with my ZF 100

First, so far all "Zeiss" lenses (for 35mm DSLRs) have been manufactured by Cosina, Japan. So they are not fully trully Zeisses... ;-). Hopefully this new generation will be made in Germany (?).

Second, I have also had a "I-want-the-Zeiss-quality" period.... No doubt there are really top-notch pieces in Zeiss line-up + the mechanical quality won´t let you in doubts about the lifetime durability. But....

I don´t think I have bad eyes but I´ve found out that critial focusing with fast lenses such as 35/1.4, 85/1.4, 100/f2 (and expectedly this new 135/f2, too) is virtually impossible using the manual focus. At least for me. Yes, you got a chance during bright day and with a patient, stationery subjects. But this ideal scenario is quite rare in all-around shooting. From what I ´ve tried (35/1.4, 85/1.4 and 100/f2), 70% were focus misses even though I would swear I got it right in the viewfinder (of course I was shooting wide open - that´s what you usually buy the expensive fast lenses for... ). With Nikon AF 85/1.4, the focus misses are about 10-15% with my D700, just for comparison (of course I count here the out-of-focus pics caused by the slight subject movement which I guess is the main cause for the "misses" anyway).

Honestly, I´m the one who can appreciate and pay some extra for the real quality. But tell me, what is the point having a top Zeiss lens when the manual focusing is so hard to work with (using today´s focusing screens)...?

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