Need major help. First time portrait shoot.

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Re: Flash advice, part II

BobT wrote:

Thanks for a very complete answer to my concerns. Thanks for taking the time to contibute it.

You're welcome.

Will my T1i's LCD offer enough GOOD visable feedback for me to truly know that I got the shot right?

With respect to lighting, sure. Autofocus will work the same as it's always worked. If your flash doesn't fire for some reason, you should be able to see it on the LCD.

Do you advise using a flash at all indoors if the ambient light is reasonable? I'll be using a Canon 50 1.4 lens(for what that's worth to you).

Ambient light often isn't ideal. On the other hand, there are some types of shots where a flash might not help, for instance a shot of someone looking out of the window; in that situation the drama is caused by the directional light already coming from the window and there's not much to add. I think of flash as not only supplementing the amibent light so that there's enough, but also making it possible to smooth out imperfections in the ambient light. What you should do is practice a bit until you're familiar with the use of a flash, then make your own decision about how to use it.

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