Maybe Some Good News From Zeiss

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Re: Maybe Some Good News From Zeiss

sean lancaster wrote:

Zeiss put out the 24 to see if the audience buying the NEX would take to high quality and expense.

I think it would be fair to say that Sony put out the 24 to see the demand. Zeiss may have numbers of lens designs for Nex (we don't know), and they probably want as many as possible to besome available - but only Sony decides what to have manufactured and marketed under Sony brand.

(This is a parallel to the now bygone collaboration between Kyocera and Zeiss. It has been reported, that Zeiss was highly frustrated about the relationship, because they had so many brillant designs for Contax CY mount that Kyocera did not want to take the risk of releasing.)

The fact that the Zeiss 24 sells out ASAP each time it's available certainly played into the decision to offer more lenses . . . thank gosh.

Since Zeiss did not say those new lenses were for Nex specifically, I take it for most likely that they will be sold as 3rd party lenses with different mounts (like E/Nex and m43) - and mostlikely manufactured by Cosina who also manufactures the ZM, ZE/ZF and ZV range for Zeiss.

Zeiss said themselves that the brisk sales of ZM lenses for mirrorless cameras had inspired them to make also lenses with AF directly for mirrorless mounts.

It is also interesting that both E-mount and m43-mount is an open standard, since Zeiss never make lenses for mounts that need to be 'reverse'-engineered.

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