E-PL1: Camera autofocuses again after I try to use manual focus override

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Thank you Baxters (Set up E-PL1 to AF With REC And Not Re-Autofocus)

Thank you very much "baxters." You really helped a lot. I say this because I've been wanting to have a set-up where I "prime" the AF via another button but otherwise the camera fires right away without the autofocus re-initiating and without having to maintain a half-press (it hurts, frankly), and yet NOT have to set the camera into manual-focus mode. This is PERFECT, thank you very much.

My issue, which I have posted about, is that my E-PL1 can have a tendency, when taking a picture of people against a background, to focus on the background instead of the human, even with an AF sensor placed square on their face. What I've been doing is the "zoom in" or "magnify" method of autofocus (where you zoom-in to check focus & you also can get a smaller square) and once the camera seems to focus as I tell it to, to not have it re-autofocus again but without having to change to MF (because I then have to turn AF back on again to get AF again) and without having to maintain the half-press. (It's been so infuriating, I've been pondering getting a Panasonic GF3 or Olympus E-PM1 hoping they don't behave the same way.)

Thank you VERY much.

I've programmed my EPL1 so that the REC button will do focus in MF mode. It also avoids the annoying start of a video if I accidentally press REC. I believe this is all you need to do.....

a) In menu> gear> button, select the AEL/AFL function (top of list) and under MF. choose mode3.

b) In menu> gear> Button, set the REC to AEL/AFL.

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