Best Photokina for Pentax?

Started Sep 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Why the excitement?

This is 2012. Nobody cares about another version of crop camera.
It's gonna be a little better, amazing!
There are only two things which are exciting now -
1. Mirrorless
2. cheap FF D-SLR

1. Mirrolress can reach FF very soon. All the talk here is about the new Sony
and new Fuji cameras. Oly is selling very well. People are excited,
they grab their cameras more often, dump their old DSLR cr@p.

2. The only exciting DSLR related thing is FF getting cheaper.

Well, Pentax of course is doing everything their own way.
Mirrorless - yes, here it is - the new Q10 LOL
Ricoh which could come up woth an exciting mirrorless product seems
to be completely quiet...

FF, sorry, you don't need it...

Good luck with this strategy, you sale numbers will be even higher,
you might even reach 0.002% market share, amazing!

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