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pforsell wrote:

Kevin Sullivan wrote:


I like Nikon gear and hope they will keep on looking forward and not in the past. Hopefully they are hard working on something like D4x, D5, D900, D8000 and not a D400. A dinosaur like that is just so passé.

The competition already has abandoned D400 class. Look at 7D or K5, both light, small and agile like the D7000.

7D "light"? I suggest to lookup the specs. The 7D every bit in the D300 class, in terms of fps performance and weight as well. And even if the competition would have "abandoned the class", the more reason to tend to it.

Nikon is making an error by releasing the new cameras in such strange order. Sensor technology changes at a high pace, and for example by releasing a beginner model with a modern 24Mpix, they keep pros and advanced users with a 12Mpix solution for so many years. Not that I would favor indiscriminate hunt for more pixels, but more resolution with a better high ISO behavior is definitely an advantage.

I for once having a set of Canon lenses switched to 7D many years ago, the D300 was foremost in low light not a match. Adieu D300... I even sold my 7D almost 2 years ago, all this is ancient history to me, and still there is no "fabled D400".

Do not speculate on Canon doing nothing: The 70D and 6D are both being rumored quite intensely. My D7000 is getting old by my standards, I am getting ready to sell it...


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