Foliage issues still?

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Re: Let's look at actual images - NOT FAIR


Not only are you are a heretic but you also cheat.

We are supposed to come here to prognosticate and pontificate about what we know and/or imagine from things we've read on the internet.

Then you show up and try to ruin the party with actual pictures that you've made that support your 'claim' that you are getting good results using the terrible Adobe raw converter.

I'm now looking forward to the 'smearing' aficionados' counter examples.

More seriously, thanks for taking the time to provide examples that show it is possible to get good results with the Adobe tools regardless about what we might read on the internet from web 'experts'.


...must seek the 'truth' on the web.

Chris Dodkin wrote:

Oh I'm sorry - I'm supposed to ignore my own eyes and believe Nikon Guy's pitch about color smearing....

If I read his BLOG correctly, it's supposed to be there with blocks of color, and transitions on an edge - People often describe lettering or logos as showing the 'issue'

So here are four X-Pro1 RAW files of lettering & logos - converted using ACR into CS6

For each file, I provide the full frame image, and a close up 100% section.

Where's the problem?

So, am I supposed to believe the hype, or trust my own direct experience?

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