MAC or PC for professional use.

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Re: I Use Both But....

John Cote wrote:

I am a professional photographer and have had a MacBook Pro and a PC desktop for a long time. I use the same Aps as you and find they work well on either platform. Here is my condensed short take on Mac vs PC:

Pro Mac: The basic Mac operating system is much more efficient and trouble free than what runs a PC when you use Windows.

Pro PC: The GUI and the regulation of the file structure of a Mac is a real pain in the butt and designed for babies' compared to Windows...although Windows keeps trying to make itself more of a pain in the butt every day. Apple wants to force you to do things their way just a little bit more than MS (for me anyhow).

That all being said, when it comes time to get rid of my PC desktop (soon) it will be replaced by my MacBook Pro, a big monitor and a bank of external hard drives. My MBP has never given me a bit of trouble and my PC is troublesome every day.


I am not a pro photographer, (IC chip designer), but this is exactly what I did when switching to the MBPr. See my post above.

The new 27" Thunderbolt Display has a power pigtail off the TB connector for the MBP, good speakers, mike, camera, TB port, FIrewire port, 3 USB ports, Ethernet port. Even works with my Microsoft wireless mouse and keyboard. This becomes a very nice docking station and you can keep the MBP closed. When you plug the TB connector in/out the MBP knows and sets itself up accordingly, no need to hit any keys or do anything. Plug in and the TBD takes over, unplug and when you open the MBP it's display takes over. Just works like it should!!!

I should mention the new MBP have USB 3 ports which support USB powered external HD like the Hitachi 7200rpm USB which I use. These are pretty quick with USB 3 and only cost $80. I keep all my images on an external HD and do the Time Machine backup on another HD, this way I don't fill up the MBP internal SSD.

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