Samyang 24 TS = pressure for a Nikon 24 PC-E upgrade?

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Re: Samyang 24 TS Fake photo

WIMorrison wrote:

You may be lucky then as this picture shows CPU contacts and that would tend to indicate that they serve some purpose as they would be too expensive to put in just for looks

I would be able to work out that this lens took the picture just by looking at the picture

Maybe they are making a 24 tilt shift but the linked photo looks fake to me. Looks like a mash up of Nikons 14-24 front element grafted onto Nikons 24 PC-E.
Knobs etc including the opposed shift vs tilt controls is identical to Nikon.

Zoom in on the Samyang nameplate on the lensmount side...pretty bad Photoshop job.
Michael Sherman

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