Compact camera recommendations

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Re: Compact camera recommendations

shutterbud wrote:

Having a DSLR has its own advantages

Yet would be uncomfortable to wear while hiking in mountains, and also prone to stealing while in a lodge as they look expensive and cannot be hidden, thus you have to watch over them all the time

But if you simply must have a compact, either a Panasonic LX5 or LX7

I wholeheartedly agree, they have the 24mm which is great for the vistas and temples in nepal, the aspect switch is amazing for framing differently, i use it constantly

The lx7 will have a stop better light and manual aperture setting, which is nice, plus making panoramas and some kind of hdr, works well up to iso 800 (at f1.4 thats good!)
Collected user advice for dp1 and dp2 (including s and x) )

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