FZ200 vs.X-S1: As I see it

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gt mike
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Re: FZ200 vs X-S1- FZ200 going back

BubbaHotepUK wrote:

gt mike wrote:


DR- Fuji has the edge. I do not agree with the post that said X-S1 is inferior at nearly all focal lengths & apertures. really??? IMO the FZ200 pics were better when working in a darker environment. once the X-S1 gets the new sensor/lens that may be different...we will see if IQ improves above 500mm. it looks like many are happy with the IQ when they had the sensor replaced.

Read what I posted again, I said the Canons SX30IS made better photos at most focal lengths than the X-S1. I've no idea how it compares to any of the Pannys.

Sorry about the misquote.... i do not want to get into my cam is better than your...as it can often happen. The SX30 is a nice cam, but IMO the FZ200 as well as others here is better than the Canon SX30. So I guess it carries the same message. Can not see how the X-S1 is considerably inferior at nearly all focal lengths & apertures to the SX30 as you have stated....i can see a little difference above 500mm, and that may get better when the new sensor is replaced.
Again this is your opinion and i respect that.


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