Lens Recommendation

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Re: Lens Recommendation

I own > 10 lenses for Sony, on my A33, I have Sigma 18-250HSM OS stays most of the time, second is my Sony 35MM F1.8, I prefer 35MM than my other 50MM F1.8, 50x1.5=75MM can limit you unless you have a huge studio/house. I alos own a mint copy of Minolta 50MM F1.7 (as the cheapest) but you need to be very careful on lighting and flares - even sometimes, you want them for portraits

My recommendation will be buy the 35MM, then wait and decide on Sony 55-200/300 or Sigma 18-250 HSM-OS. I bought my Sgima at BH during Christmas for $4xx when they were on sale. The "bonus" of Sigma OS lens is that you get OS on NEX body if you have LA-EAx adapter.

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