Photo restoration - first attempt and challenge!

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Re: Photo restoration - first attempt and challenge!

You've done an excellent job restoring for the first time. For the asphalt perhaps you can use the healing or the patch tools. If you use the clone tool try at 60% opacity with a soft brush and zoom in to get a clear view whilst you work. I've used the patch tools and healing tools then darken the asphalt a bit.

Not saying my way is the best way just giving you other options you can use for restoration.


ellaandjames wrote:

Hi All

This is my first attempt at restoring a photo and wondered what you all thought...Can you tell exactly which parts of the photo I've restored?(I believe this to be a good test). I re-cropped it when I'd finished but I've posted the un-cropped version below for you all to cast your expert eyes over. I'll post the original scan later.

FYI the photo is of my mother-in-law when she qualified as a Staff Nurse. Sadly, she passed away two years ago and I restored this photo as a gift for my wife's birthday. As I'm a complete amateur it took many, many hours.


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