18-200mm lenses: Color casts, anyone?

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Tom Hoots
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OK, one more time....


OK, let me rephrase this, in response to your replies:

1. This is subtle.

2. I think you have to compare a shot with the 18-200 lens with one from a different lens in order to "see" it. Yes, I've had the 18-200 since the very first days you could get your hands on one, and I didn't notice it until I took these test shots. That's why I'm asking if anyone out there who has the two different 18-200 lenses would do such a test shot -- then we could see a difference or not.

3. My two shots were taken just minutes apart -- I have two NEX-5N bodies. Obviously, I've got probably a daylight savings time issue with one of them, which created the time difference you see in the EXIF data. There was also one difference between the camera setups -- one was in center-weighted metering mode, while the other was in pattern metering mode. Bottom line, I did another test with the cameras reversed and the setups equalized, and the reddishness followed the 18-200 lens, not the camera.

4. I don't think it's a white balance issue by any means. Why would it?? I'm taking two shots from the same spot of the same scene with two different lenses, taken only a minute or so apart. I have repeated the test, and I expect I could repeat the test 'till the cows come home and get the same results every day.

So, again, I would still love to see anyone actually do the same kind of test -- heck, do it between the 18-200 lens and the kit lens if you'd like, just like I did here. I would really appreciate seeing any images from such a test.

Thanks again!

Tom Hoots

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