MFT problems at Paralympics: personal rant

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Re: MFT problems at Paralympics: personal rant

It's quite funny really to see the professionals with the big cameras act like children. Most of the responses here have been Pro vs. Pro, and it's sad how a 'pro' acts around the 'new kids' with the compact version of the monsters they carry.

I work with other photogs. on the occasional wedding, and some have often complained about aunt B or guy C whipping out the entry level Canikon and snapping away. While I agree that the Professional is within their rights to ask that person to get out of the way or stop crowding them IF they are doing either, complaining about their existence is a hollow pursuit. In the end, if you truly are a better photographer than them it should not matter. Your pictures will be better.

And I have also encountered 'professionals' that are woefully inept regarding their own gear.

Side note: If you can swing buying the 75mmF/1.8 M.Zuiko lens, and if you can find it, I dare any 'Pro' to knock that lens down. It's looks darn sexy and the results speak for themselves.

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