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Re: 18-55 variable F Stop

Andy Westlake wrote:

Trevor G wrote:

Your explanation is wrong, as is the similar comment even dpreview made about the same "feature".

No, our explanation is not wrong, it's just abbreviated.

It's misleading because it implies that you cannot put marked f stops on a variable aperture lens:

Because the 18-55mm F2.8-4 has a variable maximum aperture, its aperture ring is no longer marked

Frankly, it's so misleading as to be very wrong - the implication is that Fuji cannot mark the f stops because it is a variable maximum aperture lens...why don't you change it to something like:

  • Fuji has chosen not to mark the apertures because it is a variable maximum aperture lens.

Why are the f stops not marked?

Because if you make a lens with variable maximum aperture, and use a marked aperture ring, then you get an interface issue. If the lens is set to 55mm and the ring to F2.8, then you have to rotate three click stops before it will start to change. So it becomes a design call whether this is acceptable behaviour.

And every mechanical zoom lens with variable aperture was marked with fixed f stops without causing any confusion - the user still would have had to move the same number of click stops to stop down if this lens was completely mechanical.

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