First upland outing with the LX5 this year - a PE

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Re: Please buy the Fuji 18-55

linzybel wrote:

The image of your "juggling" a camera and loaded gun makes me nervous...

Heh, heh!

It's not really juggling or dangerous. The camera must be secured in some way that it cannot get torn off by the 15' high green briar jungles and such that we push through; so that it does not get in the way of a gun mount (i.e. hung around my neck on a strap doesn't work at all); and so that it is protected from weather; but yet it must be instantly accessible as super-athletic bird dogs and wild upland birds do not wait around for me to dig a big camera out of my game pouch, unwrap it, turn it on and get it into action. The little Leica DL5 has a belt case that works like a holster, which allows me to "draw" the camera and get it into action in seconds, while protecting it when it's not being used.

Adding the need to change lenses in a field environment is not helpful.

Getting a zoom for the Fuji will eliminate that need and give me a choice of focal lengths close to and 28-90 mm equivalent range, which is all I need. Plus is gives me a 6 frame per second burst rate for action shots - MUCH better than the DL5. But, the problem of secure transport and instant access remain to be solved with the Fuji. Thus, I'm back with the technically inferior DL5 again this season.

BTW, the title to this thread is wrong, but I can't fix it - the camera is a DL5 not an LX5 (tho' they are more or less the same).

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