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Re: one issue with your post ...

Bilal Fotos wrote:

thanks to inform me about the other models but I am protest about the cameras I have purchased i.e. hs10 and hs30 (newly purchased) etc. you know the result of hs30 even more worst then hs10 on some occassions that i have been experienced, more noise, no pixel depth, delay of image finding in evf, no good metering - unstable in same situationsssssssssss, I protest again the approched of fuji used in hs30 model.

That's one funny way to approach things - to buy a camera that you did not like, then other camera from the same series of the same manufacturer , then keep protesting as if the company listens. I would think of better ways to spend time and money. As for Fuji - their cameras are .... specific, but more than usable in right hands. Make yourself (and the others) a favor - get off this rake and buy yourself something you will like, say Nikon P510. It's a great point-and shooter with fantastic zoom and a lot of megapixels.
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