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Re: Fuji should learn from Ricoh ...

pretty much on the ball. there isnt much use of taking Fuji as an example: their latest cameras are all in one or another way unusable or highly flawed.

The GXR and GRD work, and work better than other cameras in their class. They're not about the spec sheet but about actually taking photos. They're cameras, not 'products', which is what many other companies make.

For its size, price and IQ, is there really something better than the GXR with an A12 module? The GXR beats the X100 and for less.

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

.. to invest into a thought-out system like Pentax for example.

So when you say "Ricoh", you should first do your homework and see the portfolio of their ownership. This allows Ricoh now to do whatever they please, to pick and choose targets of their desire — say, issue an X100 killer that will work as advertised from day one and be actually remarkable.

Having that in mind, it will take Fuji another 20 years to have a lineup of lenses Pentax has now, and another 50 to reach the 25 million lenses made for the K mount.

And perhaps a decade, to actually make a usable, thought-out camera in its first iteration.

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