Foliage issues still?

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Re: It's a non-issue for me

Jeff Seltzer wrote:

I'm with Chris on this one. I'm not going to purposely go out and try to re-create a problem that I wouldn't have known about if not but a few hysterical posters.

Thom Hogan is not a "hysterical poster". His review of the X-Pro 1 was roundly praised as being on the mark, and completely unbiased. Few people could point to a review that reached his level of expertise, much less exceed it.

But, I have taken images of trees and bushes, and to my eye, all is fine.

It is to your benefit that your standards of quality are low enough to allow the smearing to be a cause for concern.

Chris Dodkin wrote:

rattymouse wrote:

LOL...No one is harder on Nikon than Thom Hogan. NO ONE. You show supreme ignorance with that comment above.

Clearly you have not read a word of his since the Nikon D800 launch. Very transparent of you.

Ignorance - that would be believing his FUD on image smearing, rather than trusting the thousands of images i have in front of me.

You know - like the samples I kindly provided for you, and which you then carefully ignored.

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