Foliage issues still?

Started Sep 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
Jeff Seltzer Senior Member • Posts: 1,792
It's a non-issue for me

I'm with Chris on this one. I'm not going to purposely go out and try to re-create a problem that I wouldn't have known about if not but a few hysterical posters. But, I have taken images of trees and bushes, and to my eye, all is fine.

Chris Dodkin wrote:

rattymouse wrote:

LOL...No one is harder on Nikon than Thom Hogan. NO ONE. You show supreme ignorance with that comment above.

Clearly you have not read a word of his since the Nikon D800 launch. Very transparent of you.

Ignorance - that would be believing his FUD on image smearing, rather than trusting the thousands of images i have in front of me.

You know - like the samples I kindly provided for you, and which you then carefully ignored.

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