Gosh - I tend to keep using relics....the GF-1

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Ben Herrmann
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Gosh - I tend to keep using relics....the GF-1

Hi gang:

For those of you who have been around for 10 years or so, you would probably recall how I used to be a charter member of the "camera of the month" club, running to get every new release just to have the latest and greatest. Well, years ago I snapped out of that mode. Besides getting quite expensive, when I realized that at one point I had amassed 85 cameras in my collection, I knew it was time for a change (plus the Misses threatened the living daylights out of me).

So after having sold most of my cameras, I still maintain a few (see profile), but most are older cameras (remember, anything over 2 years is considered old in the digital world). Of course, I also have the additional hobby of rifle and pistol marksmanship - and the nice thing is that the "Misses" doesn't know how many of them I own....he,he,he.

One camera on the m4/3 side of the house that just continues to keep me smiling is the wonderful Panny GF-1 with 14-45 OIS lens. This gem never fails to impress and I absolutely enjoy using it.

Last week we did a quick 4-day trip to the Asheville, North Carolina area just to get away. Of course, we had to visit the Biltmore Estate (which anyone should do if you happen to visit that neck of the woods). For those of you who don't know what the Biltmore Estate is, it is considered an American Castle. The interior alone has approximately 125,000 square feet and at one time sat on 175,000 acres (now it's down to just a pitiful 8000 arcres.....sigh). It was built at the turn of the 19th century by the Vanderbilt's.

Anyway, on the next posting, please find some photos taken with this combo at Biltmore, it's Arboretum and Gardens, and other views on the estate. Now please do keep in mind as you view the images - that the weather at the time was really humid - with lots of haze and thunderstorms were building everywhere.

Photos on next page.....

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