12-35mm 2.8 vs ( x-e1 + 18-55mm 2.8-4.0 )

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Re: Give it up on the stupid equivalence argument, already. No one cares.

It was not my intention to do 35mm equivalence. I merely intended to compare the two lens on a even playing ground.

I could have said that the fuji would be like a

13.5-41.2mm f2.3-3.5 on micro 4rds

compared to

12-35mm f2.8

Bob Meyer wrote:

Some of us understand that apertures control the light hitting the sensor, too. If you'd be happy with a 24-70 f/5.6, I suggest you spend your time somewhere other than here.

DonSantos wrote:

for 100$ dollars more you can get a camera body and a fast zoom.

in 35mm equivalence terms

24-70 f5.6


27-82.5 f4.5 - 6.3

hmm... I wonder how good the fuji 18-55mm lens compared to the 12-35mm

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I've stopped thinking in terms of "equivalent" focal lengths on m43. 25mm is what it is, and what it might be similar to on some other format doesn't matter to me any more. We need to learn what to expect from our current equipment, not keep mapping it to the old. No one refers to their 50mm FF lens as "equivalent to 80mm on MF."

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