What should I use to edit?

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Re: What should I use to edit?

rekomaged1 wrote:

Hi guys, I am writing on my 13" Macbook Pro Late 2011, Low end specced. The reason I am asking is because I am starting to get more into photography and I WILL be buying photoshop or lightroom soon enough. Now I have 2 options as far as editing is concerned. First of all, will the 13" screen and low specs be too not on par to edit with?

If yes these are my most probably options

A) Get an iMac with an extra hard drive to edit and and keep my 13" as a school computer, mobile computer, social stuff, and my last resort for editing.

B) Sell or give off my 13" to my dad, and get myself a 15" rMB with decent specs with an external hard drive. (no internal ones) I will use this for school+photography+social media.
-This will leave me with an extra hard drive to carry around

So what would you guys think would be the good move to take?

A third option would be to get an external screen for the mbp. That will leave your dad in the lurch but it keeps things simple.

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