FZ200 vs.X-S1: As I see it

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Re: FZ200 vs X-S1- FZ200 going back

I just did the reverse. i was waiting and waiting..... for the panny FZ 200 so I bought the X-S1 a short time ago and have had very nice success. Some hear not so lucky. Got a 60 day price lock and got $200 back- so total price was $600. (about where it should have been in the beginning) This is not a light cam and may be too heavy for some. It has an excellent feel with a very smooth manual zoom. a very usable EVF. you have to hold one to understand.

But since the FZ200 is now available and have seen nice shots here and on flickr, i had to make sure i made the right decision...so i got one this week. It takes very nice pictures and video. I think the FZ200 video is much better. Still shot IQ- FZ200 also has the edge on the long zoom and the F2.8 is very nice.

DR- Fuji has the edge. I do not agree with the post that said X-S1 is inferior at nearly all focal lengths & apertures. really??? IMO the FZ200 pics were better when working in a darker environment. once the X-S1 gets the new sensor/lens that may be different...we will see if IQ improves above 500mm. it looks like many are happy with the IQ when they had the sensor replaced.

There are no excuses and it is unfortunate and stupid that they released the cam before that ironed out the problems.

Sadly I will be shipping the FZ200 back. I am not here to bash the FZ200 but I was very disappointed with the over all cheap plastic feel. especially for $600. In return though you get a much lighter cam. i own a Panny DNC-ZS3 which has a great quality feel and was expecting more. I used an FZ50 for some time as well and I am spoiled. Went to mount my hand strap base (allows you to place it in a Manfrotto head) to the bottom treads...it bottom out not allowing it to tighten.

The FZ200 takes great pics,I know many here are very happy with the FZ200 and I will continue to enjoy all of your pictures.

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