Having T4i AutoFocus Problems

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Re: Having T4i AutoFocus Problems

howardroark wrote:

I think there is a setting somewhere that will allow the original file to be viewed. Right now "large" is the only version available, which is considerably downsized.

I looked for this, but I could not find it.

Anyway, one thing that is much more important on DSLRs is control of the AF system. First DSLR? You have the option for single shot AF, continuous, AI, selecting your AF point manually, letting the camera select your AF point, and tons of other customizations. Since you're using the viewfinder I can mark Live View AF off the list.

Ah, yes, it is single shot AF.

Try choosing the center AF point manually in order to control your focus point. Depth of field is very narrow so allowing the camera choose means you get what you get.

IS is for slow shutter speeds when you're holding the camera, but a tripod means there should be no vibration. Back in the day they said the IS could burn itself out trying to correct vibrations when there were none while using a tripod. Now I think they've figured out how to make it a little smarter.

Also, those very slow shutter speeds allow vibration of the tripod or blur caused by wind to occur. In the newer photo you posted it's hard to tell where the focus might be. As close as you are and with the aperture wide open you might have a very thin depth of field.

Subject distance, focal length, and aperture all affect depth of field. Shutter speed controls motion blur. AF point selection dictates where the point of focus will be. This isn't a point and shoot with a huge depth of field even at its narrowest.

Thank you for the help.

Yes, I am working to get better at this. I took a lot of pictures of my daughter today. She would be center-frame filling up like 40% of the photo, and the camera would finds some small item near an edge that takes up like 5% of the photo and focused on that. It's been frustrating.

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