Inexpensive printer that scans decently

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Re: Inexpensive printer that scans decently

Is it possible to buy a bad printer/scanner from any of the majors these days?

The Epson Workforce printers have been some of my favorite to work with, with a great combination of fast print and scan speeds and the ability to use refillable ink cartridges. (Note that refillable cartridges are NOT the same as refilling spent cartridges.) I saw a nice Workforce 610 model (or thereabouts) on sale at Sam's Club recently for under a hundred dollars. The Workforce line is made for office while the NX is made for home. But the cost difference is so small compared to the difference in performance and durability that it's a no-brainer when you want to get a printer/scanner that just goes and goes. Plus, the Workforce scanner includes auto sheet feed and automatic scanning to memory card. I've used inexpensive ebay inks/carts in my older Workforce 500 for almost three years, and that thing still just cranks out scans and prints without a hiccup.

vdubreeze wrote:

Well, now that school is started for the kids I can't put it off any longer. The Kodak ESP7, which was always a bother, is asking for its fourth printhead, which she obviously isn't going to get. I need a decent printer which will never be asked to print out better than school assignments BUT I would like it to be a decent scanner as well, which the Kodak was not. Watching my 15 year old print out a last minute report on my Epson was like opening my wallet and watching all the bills go flying out : )

So: good ink usage but no high print quality required, with a scanner that I could use for archiving assorted media without having to post process it to death to make it look like the original, though not for gallery use, just for decent archives. Budget for this printer is a consideration (I'm looking for my own new printer at the same time) and a lower price trumps a better scan (for now).

Mostly on OSX around here. Any sleepers in this category I should know of?

Thanks for any recommendations : )


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