Having T4i AutoFocus Problems

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Re: Having T4i AutoFocus Problems

howardroark wrote:

Probably need a little more to go on. AF Mode? AF point? Focus and recompose? IS switched off on both pictures?

I am not sure what you first two questions mean. I used the viewfinder. I did force the AF to refocus after I manually focused. IS on in both pictures. According to the manual, IS has no problems with Tripod.

Looks like one has focused further back than the other bringing the pines in the background into sharper focus. It's hard to tell on a downsized image, especially one so busy and chaotic, where the point of focus is.

Is there a way to make the photos show at 100%? I also provided the full sized images in my gallery. The AF version doesn't have anything in the entire picture clear.

The extremely slow shutter speed could allow IS or vibration to cause blur. The more information the better.

The slow shutter speed could allow IS to cause blur? I thought IS is for slow shutter speeds.

Here is another photo I took today. There is not a single thing in the photo that is focused (it is more obvious at 100%).

toomanycanons wrote:

Again with another T4i thread in the point and shoot forum.

Hey, no one forced you to come in here an comment on it. I might post the question in the correct forum if I can get another picture tomorrow.

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