Why I am voting for Obama this time

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mamallama wrote:

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mamallama wrote:

Sure. Romney followed the Mormon Church in treating blacks as a cursed race and barred them from participating in the Mormon Church for most of its history. That is FACT; LOOK IT UP.

And Barack Hussein followed the Rev. Wright racist teachings too.
Why do you always ignore that?
Don't bother trying to make excuses, because it's all come out years ago.

Obama addressed the issue with Rev Wright in a nationally broadcast speech. Romney needs to do the same to explain his following the Mormon racist policies for all those years if he expects to win more than a near zero percent of the black votes.

There isn't anything Romney can say that would change how the black population votes. There isn't anything Obama can say that could change the way the black population votes. It is unfortunate that they can't seem to break free of this self destructive thinking of theirs, but until they are better educated, the most of them will continue to vote for the party that keeps them under their thumb.

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