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undeniably, you are correct. But why the arsey attitude? Sarcasm and blasphemy in equally antagonistic measure.

Yes, the OP has only made three posts. So, does he not deserve a little courtesy or generosity? And if you can't manage that then you could simply ignore the thread.

I remember your posts from the Fuji forum. Seems like you bought a bit of the confrontational attitude so endemic there with you when you joined the Ricoh forum. Like guns, it would be much better left at the saloon door. imo.

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rattymouse wrote:

BobEll69 wrote:

There seems to be lots of rumours around right now about new Pentax products at Photokina, but I haven't seen anything on new Ricoh products. Am I missing something? I thought for sure we would be seeing something coming out from the rumour mill by now's only the most popular thread right now. Do you read anything here?

Edit: ah, your posting history says it all........

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