Kit zoom direct comparisons?

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Re: Kit zoom direct comparisons?

clengman wrote:

I'm sorry, but I think your logic is bizarre.

Please don't feel sorry you think my logic is bizarre. Nothing wrong with thinking that.

First you say that it's clear from the price people are willing to pay that the 14-45 is superior.

It is far superior to most kit lenses.

Now you look at a couple test shots and say it's clear that there's not too much difference between the two of them so... might as well buy the more expensive one? Huh?

Yes, Might as well buy the one that someone will snatch up on eBay for what you paid or more. Why lose money on a lens when you don't need to.

I'm in the school that doesn't consider any of my photo equipment purchases to be investments . I don't buy this stuff thinking about how much I'll get back when I sell it.

I'm always selling things on eBay so we differ on that I always like to have an idea what I can recoup when/if I sell equipment.

Given that though, I can buy a refurbished oly 14-42 mkII with a one year warrantee for $99.95 right now. The going price on ebay for a used copy of this lens is... $75-100. I'm not going to lose much sleep thinking that I'll only get 75% of my money back if I decide to sell a lens at some as yet to be determined point in the future.

I don't loss much sleep because of that comfort zone I buy in. You do seem to have read my post so you know what comfort zone I'm talking about.

Anyway... I just happened to look at the ephotozine reviews of the mkI and MkII oly lenses and they think that... the MkI is better than the MkII. Now what am I supposed to think about that?

Thats a question you will have to answer for yourself. But remember what works for ephotozine may not work for you.

I difference to you go the cheap way. This is not one of the cases if it costs more its better this lens has been out for ever. Not only one of the best Panasonic kit lenses but one of the better panasonic lenses. Most people buy it so the High price. If most people buy it hate it price would be very low.

I often pay more for a lens I can get more for when resale time comes. I learned a long time ago to buy the lens that goes with the camera. Like I don't buy a Sigma for a micro four thirds and I don't purchase a ket lens that will be worth 60 dollars in the near future. the 14 - 45 has proven the test of time. Do you think it will go down in value any time soon? The pictures that have been posted to this thread show to me IQ is to close to worry about on the lenses we are talking about. I also learned a long time ago to buy for comfort! In other words buy what you will enjoy having and shooting with. Anyone that agonizes over a lens to much will not be happy. Again the pic posted to this thread prove to me IQ is in this case not the key.

Anyway the best to. Your logic does not seem as bizarre to me as mine does to you but thats ok. Lots of room for different trains of thoughts.

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