Nikon Service can't deal with D800 autofocus problem

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Re: Nikon Service can't deal with D800 autofocus problem

nikonjohn wrote:

The new line is that they are aware of the D800 focusing problem and would send the images I sent in to Japan for "research". I called back and talked to a another technician. When I said that I was going to send my camera and lens back in I was advised not to because they didn't have a firm fix yet.

Similar to my experience. I'm not only having a problem with the left autofocus points on my D800E, but even the center one generates reproducibly soft results when I shoot very close subjects. I uploaded samples of the latter problem to Nikon's USA technical support site, and had several follow-up conversations with a rep. Eventually I was told the image files needed to be forwarded to Japan for further analysis.

I think it's evident Nikon corporate does indeed understand there are multiple serious problems with the D800/E (and probably D4) phase-detect autofocus system—not just involving the left autofocus points, but also broader quality-control issues, the precision issue documented by Lloyd Chambers, and possibly others. It appears to me that the company is trying to gather information from a large number of defective samples before deciding how to address the problem. Which is not an irrational approach and is probably the responsible thing to do.

Where Nikon has failed so far is in not making a public announcement for so long about what it knows and what it is currently doing to diagnose the problems. But I'm willing to give the company the benefit of the doubt, and assume that, eventually, it will do the right thing.


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