Free fonts, works for mac and PC!

Started Sep 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
eagle_I Senior Member • Posts: 2,670
Re: Didn't see this until today - too late...:( nt)

Yeah after all my diddling I found I was too late too! Hummm ... would have been nice since I discovered the huge time saving sample sheet listing showing all the fonts ... and there were quite a few I thought I'd like to have.

Oh well the other recent poster has a good point too since in most of my still imaging there's only a few fonts I consistently use.

But, now with a 3D video and still capable camera (Panasonic 3D1) I'm wondering how I might be able to create my own actual 3D (with depth) images for video titles. A wider choice might be good for that.

THANKS for the heads-up anyway!


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