Any point to >300dpi printing?

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Re: print settings determine dpi

RedFox88 wrote:

The quality setting in your printer driver determines the size of the drop of ink that will be laid down whether it will be 4 pl (pico liter), 2 pl, 1.5 or 1 pl. The printer will lay down the same amount of ink for photo printing for all print quality settings. What changes with print quality settings is the size of the drop as well as then how long it will take to print. The smaller the ink drop the longer it will take to print.

I think manufacturers confuse buyers claiming 5700x1400 resolution prints.

This is from Eric Chan's article on the Epson 3800:

"When you print at 1440 dpi, the 3800 lays down ink using two different ink droplet sizes, leading to a dot pattern containing both large dots and small dots. When you print at 2880 dpi, the 3800 uses only the small ink droplets.

Printing at 2880 dpi takes about 1.9x as much time as printing at 1440 dpi. For example, an image that takes 3 minutes to print at 1440 dpi will take about 5:40 minutes to print at 2880 dpi.

Printing at 2880 dpi uses roughly 10% more ink than printing at 1440 dpi (not twice as much, as incorrectly suggested elsewhere on the web)."

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