Can't decide.. 17-55 or 24-70

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Re: Can't decide.. 17-55 or 24-70

Ahh I didn't realize the 24-70 was an FX lens.. I was looking purely at the base focal length and forgot the DX/FX variable..

I do want something that can get a bit wider than my current 35 1.8, but if an FX lens @24mm equates to around the same as my 35mm DX lens.. then that skews my decision..

If there was such a thing as a 16-85 DX lens f/2.8, man that would be exactly what I want a fast mid zoom that covers the wide and capable of still making it as a portrait lens... is there such a beast?

Other lens I have 50mm 1.4.. love it but sometimes find too tight in the shots I tend to take.. then of course I miss it when I need it.. lol.

And the kit one.. 18-200.. great range but I feel it gets speed limited on the longer focal length for me most of the time.

So yea, I'm wishy washy.. I guess I might try renting the two and see what ends up better but that I was hoping to avoid burning the cash

thanks to all who replied.. im still open to opinion!

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