Foliage issues still?

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Re: Foliage issues still?

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Is there still an issue with foliage shots with the X-trans sensor? And if so, is this only in raw? Went back to look if anything had been said, but only found it mentioned in older threads... For the time being, would the Fuji (X-Pro/X-E1) be the wrong tool for landscape photos that include substantial foliage?

You might want to check out the Fredmiranda forum. Threads over there show that it happens even with the Fuji convertor and you're being told the opposite here.

Oh no! Someone on the Fred Miranda forum said something......

I read the whole thread and it was a complete waste of an hour. I have thousands of foliage shots taken with an Xpro1 and converted in LR, and they look fine in prints. Just avoid over-sharpening.

I was merely pointing out that he might want to check out another source. So fredmiranda users largely feel there's an issue even with the supplied software and DPreview users largely don't see an issue. People can decide from themselves.

I'm sorry that I had forgotten to block you after you decided to call people racist where there was no such behavior. I'm glad that I'm now reminded to do so.

The behaviour was there and obvious which is why the offending posts were deleted. You defending Ratty now?

Hey, block away and I'll do the same - one less pointless set of threads to read.

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