Any point to >300dpi printing?

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Re: Any point to >300dpi printing?

soloryb wrote:

By deselecting (not checking) that Print Resolution box, LR does not hand-off the task of calculating print resolution to the printer. On the contrary, deselecting the Print Resolution box causes LR to use its own algorithm to automatically calculate the optimum pixel resolution for you - as long as it's between 180 and 1440 ppi. Outside that range a plus or minus sign appears, warning you to set an appropriate Print Resolution (box then needs to be checked and a ppi value inputted). In most cases, you're better off leaving that Print Resolution box unchecked.

Interesting. Do you have a source for this? It seems to directly contradict what Adobe claim, which is …

“To use the native resolution of the photo (as long as it isn’t lower than 72 ppi or higher than 720 ppi), deselect Print Resolution.”

If it worked other than this then it would have been logical to have been given three choices: set rez, auto rez, and use print rez. With out the third choice it would be impossible to proof an image (for resolution purposes) using LR.

Brian A

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