NEW X10 replacement can shoot round corners

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Re: NEW X10 replacement can shoot round corners

mbb101 wrote:

Yes and any replacement will need to be tested for orbs all over again. I'm not sure whether I will want a replacement X10 or not. The X100 is so good that I prefer to use that when I can. IQ is so much better.

The X10 is very useful on macro especially when used at the telephoto end and I have taken some very good pics with it but I got the X100 because of the lack of sharpness on foliage in landscapes and the need to sharpen pp on almost all pics with the X10. So not sure what I will do to sort this out. Or what cam I should get.

I just read this very interesting post about the relative merits of the LX7 and the RX100.
The X10 is not the only game in town anymore.

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