Sigma’s ownership of Foveon sensor – greatest loss for the photographic world

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Re: Sigma’s ownership of Foveon sensor – greatest loss for the photograph

Eddy Teddy wrote:

I have the DP2 Merrill on loan; the images are very nice, truly amazing - better than the other cameras I have at hand; Sony Rx-100, Samsung Ex1 and Canon EOS 20D. I think performance is ok, but RAW writing is slow. But... Battery life time is weak... I have a very early production model; might be better now. Could anybody give us some numbers on battery life time?

I ordered 3 more batteries from ebay. They where cheap so I don't know if they work

Battery life is not so long. I think I'm around 90 shots per battery, but I haven't optimised anything yet. Anyhow, I think that actually I like that the batteries are not lasting long. Makes me think more before I take the shot and it saves me from post processing a lot of half thought shots that eventually ends up in the dark corner in my computer's storage space
AF takes away the Zen in photography

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