NEW X10 replacement can shoot round corners

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Re: NEW X10 replacement can shoot round corners

Yes and any replacement will need to be tested for orbs all over again. I'm not sure whether I will want a replacement X10 or not. The X100 is so good that I prefer to use that when I can. IQ is so much better.

The X10 is very useful on macro especially when used at the telephoto end and I have taken some very good pics with it but I got the X100 because of the lack of sharpness on foliage in landscapes and the need to sharpen pp on almost all pics with the X10. So not sure what I will do to sort this out. Or what cam I should get.

Wellington100 wrote:

Its a sad indictment of the world that we live in but its almost worth doing law to be in a position to protect oneself from all the shiite that comes ones way these days.

As you say, when a parcel arrives, someone else often signs for it. The couriers are always in a hurry so no way will they hang about while it gets opened, if they did that all the time, they could not get through their day.

That camera has been seriously crushed, surely in transit. Chances are both the courier and Fuji are insured against that sort of mishap so hopefully they will not fuss and further delay your photography but simply supply you with a new camera.

This is all part of the hazard of buying an X10 or XS1 in the first place, its time Fuji changed the model numbers and pulled the remaining old stock out of the channels.

mbb101 wrote:

Ho hum I wish, too poor to afford an X Pro 1

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