Sigma’s ownership of Foveon sensor – greatest loss for the photographic world

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They both saved themselves.

Actually, Sigma saved Foveon and in return, Foveon also saved Sigma.

Sigma offers one of the most unique photographic experiences out there.

Allow me to expand these thoughts.

Pentax is a "me too" company, and so is Panasonic, and Oly.

They all use current CMOS technology made in-house, and third party sensors, like Pentax using Sony sensors.

I've never bought a Pentax camera in my life, and never will.

Why? Because if I'd ever want that standard Bayern CMOS look, I will not look for it in a Pentax.

Instead I'll go to where the overall system is most advanced.

(that's why I use Nikon gear for work - I could be using Canon the same way, it just happens that I prefer Nikon).

But unlike these "me too" companies, there're a few companies out there that offer a true unique look to its files.

Leica, with CCD sensors + lovely Leica glass is one of them;

Digital Medium Format, which are all CCD. Couple these with a Schneider Krauznach lenses and you'll have an unbelievable and unique experience;

And there's Sigma, with one of the most unique signatures (perhaps THE most) in the photographic world.

I drool over unique files. I like the ideia of choosing a system (or a particular camera) based on the look I wanna achieve.

It's like choosing Kodachrome over Portra, instead now, I choose the CCD in my Leaf Aptus back over the beaten to death, standard look of a D300, D7000 or a D800.

And believe me, I'm extremely skilled in post. I do it professionally for over a decade. I can squeeze out the look I want in post.

But the thing is, I love to work on files that carry themselves that unique brush stroke.

I applaud Sigma for bringing us the Foveon sensor inside the SD1.

I'd buy it in a heart beat, if I could ever find a dealer that imports Sigma products (that's an impossible mission in Brazil, where C and N are the only major players).

So that's MHO.

Sigma has done the best they could to offer a experience that just a few other companies are willing to:

The experience of being unique.

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