Anyone here sold all DSLR gear for X-Pro 1?

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Re: Anyone here sold all DSLR gear for X-Pro 1?

Sold my Canon 5D Mark II (just before the Mark III was announced), and a couple of L lenses to get the X-Pro 1. Haven't had any regrets, or real hindrances to my photography workflow (with the possible exception of easily converting the X-Pro 1's raw files).

Love the fact that I can go out and about with my X-Pro 1 and a couple of lenses, along with it's smaller X100 sibling, and not feel weighed down by my equipment. I's rank the X-Pro 1's output slight above the 5D II's (especially in DR and ISO performance). the X100 is easily on par (IQ-wise) with the original 5D, and far better that that great, classic FF in DR and ISO. Looking forward to acquiring the 18-55mm Fujifilm zoom, and the 14mm f2.8 shortly after their official release. Then I'll finally have very similar lens options that I had with my Canon FF's...

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