Did you test Panasonic 12-35 weathersealing ?

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I don't think people understand the term

I shoot outside in rain, snow, and ice storms all the time, with both my DSLR gear, and with my m4/3 gear. I usually try to cover the camera or be out of the rain when it's coming down at an inch an hour levels, but light rain, mist, I'm out shooting because those lovely jewel-like drops start to look less lovely and jewel like pretty quickly once the rain stops.

I've only had a camera problem due to weather like that once. Up on Mt St Helens in an ice storm, with Nikon DSLR gear, the AF stopped working. That was with Nikon's top end sealed lenses. It wasn't the ice, it was the cold that made the lubricants in the lens thicken up too much for the AF system to handle. Otherwise - I keep the camera sheltered from direct rain or snow, either in a bag or inside an open or very very loose rain parka. Not inside the jacket - you'll cause condensation to happen then in the body and maybe the lens, going from moist body warmth to cold air. That'll happen weather sealing or not.

I carry a few terry cloth towels (golf towels) and a few microfiber cloths. Keep standing water off the camera, keep the front of the lens dry.

It was explained to me once that when my DSLR manufacturer of choice says bodies or lenses are weather sealed, they mostly mean against dust and grit. In terms of rain, they said oh yeah, weather sealed, no problem... just don't let it get in direct rain, keep standing water off it, dry it off immediately as soon as you can... all of which seems to have worked just fine for me for 14 years, weather sealed or not.

If you send a lens in for repair and it's got water damage inside, they're not going to repair it under warranty because they said it's weather sealed. I think that's the perspective you need to keep in mind.

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