Nikon 24-70 companion (14-24 or 16-35)

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Re: Nikon 24-70 companion (14-24 or 16-35)

Arash31 wrote:

Hi, so finally upgraded to a full frame d800e! I just got rid of all my dx lenses and have a big dilemma for getting fx lenses. I have read a lot but finally want to ask people that have had Hands on experience with a similar situation.

What I want now are 2 additional lenses that make the d800e really shine. I have a Nikon 50mm 1.4 af-s which Is ok but not really the quality and sharpness of my Nikon 105 vr. I do use wide angle for landscape and architecture shots plus indoor real-estate where I want to make small rooms look really big! Being able to take low light indoor real estate shot is important but not crucial. My biggest hobby is the outdoor shots landscape, ANSI do a lot if traveling.

I have been researching nikon 14-24 vs Nikon 16-35 as a companion to 24-70 that i thnk ill be buying. This is what I want to know:

1. If u had both 24-70 and 16-35, and the range u were shooting was from 24-35, which lens would u choose and how does the iq and sharpness of these two lens differ for this specific range? Because if u said 24-70, then I'm thinking that would push me more towards the 14-24 because at least I get 2mm on the wide end and at 24 I'd be switching to the 24-70 anyways. One advantage that I see with the 16-35 is not having to switch but if 24-70 is better for 24-35 then ....

2. How often would u actually want to use a polarizing or nd filter on a wide angle? Reason I ask is because of the size of 14-24. Is not taking a filter that big of a deal for this range?

3. I know that 14-24 does not have vr, it's heavier, and has a limited range...anyone gone through a similar dilemma? And has actually had the opportunity to play with both?

Lastly I'm wondering how good are the above three lenses I'm talking about. My experience with my Nikon 105mm vr has been stellar in terms of quality and sharpness compared to any other lens I have used. Are these in the same or better league? Does the 16-35 also fall in this category? I know ken Rockwell says so...but then again he also thinks that 28-300 is in the same league which I have a sep post on! Thx for your advice in advance.

Arash, you can check my DPR Gallery here to see for your self. I had the E! with 14-24mm, 16-35mm and 24-70mm. It is all landscape.

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